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MEdical DEvices

Company specialising in the research and development of Medical Devices
in the dentistry and medical industry

who are we

MeDe, in addition to developing Medical Devices, coordinates research and scientific activities for dental companies and supports the organisation of scientific events and training courses. In addition, MeDe assists in the marketing of new products through industry information networks. Finally, the company also supports other companies in planning digital processes for implant surgery and prosthetics.

International scientific collaborations

MEDE counts among its partners University and Research Institutes as well as researchers among the most prestigious in the international field for the performance of:

Scientific advisors

There are many people with whom we collaborate during the Medical Devices research and development process:


MeDe developed a marketing activity dedicated to highly digitised dental practices, disseminating their activities through social channels. This service is built on the clinical specificities of the dental practice in the use of digital technologies aimed at improving the quality of the therapeutic services offered to patients.

research areas

The specific area of research and development mainly concerns the following fields:


Synthetic biomaterials in bone regenerative surgery


Digital technologies for the production of custom grafts in bone surgery


Digital technologies for dental implant surgery and prosthetics


Software for optimising digital workflows in the clinical environment





*Data from our consultants



Toghether with FifthIngenium we have
developed ObiScanner!

A face scanner that allows you to obtain in just 10 seconds
an accurate 3D model of the patient's face.

completed projects

Below is an overview of the latest work carried out.

16 July 2018


HoloDentist combines extended reality devices and dentistry. Holographic technologies, 3D files and software project dentistry into the future.

8 November 2017


ObiScanner is the first facial scanner to quickly obtain an accurate 3D model of the patient's face.

23 August 2014

Biomaterial development for 3D Printing

The design of biomimetic biomaterial grafts is carried out using X-ray images (CT, CBCT) and specific software.

22 August 2014

New implant surfaces

New rapid prototyping (PR) technologies allow objects with defined shape and structure to be obtained on the basis of virtual 3D models.

21 August 2014

Custom-made Prosthesis Design

The subject of the research was the development of a computerised automation process in the construction of custom-made prostheses.

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